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WaterWipes midwife Claire

This month, WaterWipes® Midwife Claire is answering all of your questions on nappy changing

How best to approach nappy changes are frequently asked questions for parents. Rash development, use of emollients and incessant crying were just some of the themes that came through to our Midwife Claire in your questions this month. Here you can watch as Claire explains some possible causes and talks through her top hints & tips to help alleviate any issues you may be experiencing when changing your baby’s nappy.

frequently asked questions.

WaterWipes® Midwife, Claire, has hints and tips to share to make your nappy changing experience as seamless as possible.

Below we share the answers to the most commonly asked questions of the series:

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We will compile the most commonly asked questions and we'll endeavor to provide answers that cover the most frequently asked.

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